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Are you planning a trip to Western North Carolina? Are you interested in a half day or full day guided fishing trip? Are you looking for somewhere to stay? As an independent guide service, Tolliver's Guide Service is always happy to answer your questions.

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We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions/and answers about Tolliver’s Guide Service for your convenience. They can be found below this contact form. We are happy to answer any other questions that you may have.

** Note: I am now closed for the winter, and will be re-opening on March 1st, 2022. Clients are encouraged to contact me now to secure reservations for the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. **

4 hours is a half day tour, and 8 hours is a full day tour

Fly rods, waders, snacks, lunch, and drinks

I will offer fly casting instruction and wading techniques before we enter the water. We will be in easy to access trout streams near Boone. Once in the water, I will go over presentation, fly selection, fish holding water, and approach methods to successfully catch trout. If you are at a more advanced level, We will skip the initial instruction phase and focus instead on refining any technique you would like to improve upon. We will take a break halfway through the day for lunch.

Water, snacks, a jacket, and a spare set of dry clothes. I will provide bug spray and sun screen, if needed.

Yes, you will need a fishing license. I can furnish all other items except for a fishing license. Tennessee or Virginia sell fishing licenses online, or we can pick them up on the way to our destination.

All guide trips will include a freshly cooked shore lunch. Your guide Jesse has 25 years of culinary experience, and the menu will be discussed at the time of trip booking. All drinks will be provided as well. We will take a half an hour lunch break, and seating will be provided. This time does not count towards the total hours of your fishing trip. We will go above and beyond for all of our clients, and show you true southern hospitality.

Beginners are totally fine. We will go over casting and wading techniques before we enter the water.

We are catch and release only. Wild trout should be released for other anglers to enjoy.

Yes, I offer fly tying lessons, at 50 dollars a session.